Yoga for Weight Loss and Belly Fat | Fat Burning Core-Focused Workout for Complete Beginners

Weight Loss Workout
Join my 7-Day Sexual Wellness for Men Challenge for FREE! No credit card required, link to sign up below:

– Join my 7-Day Sexual Wellness for Men Challenge for FREE! No credit card required, link to sign up below:

– – This quick power yoga routine helps you with weight loss by building and toning your muscles, elevating your heart rate, and helping you burn more calories. It can also help with weight loss by improving your mindfulness, and you do that by focusing on your breathing and immersing yourself in the workout. So focus!

This workout is intense, but it’ll be over before you know it! So give it your all and do your best. Press pause as needed.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – Crunch Hold
01:16- Bridge Pose
02:16- Hands to Thighs Hold
02:50- One-Leg Reverse Crunch
03:46 – Bridge Pose/One Leg Bridge Pose Variation
05:53 – Boat Pose
06:53 – Side Plank Reach Arounds
08:25 – Plank
09:15 – Cobra Rows
10:15 – Knee to Elbow
11:10 – Superman Variation
11:51 – Downdog Pose to Downdog Variation
13:20 – Wide-Legged Plank with Variations
13:57 – Closing Notes

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