7-Day Belly Fat Burner & Rapid Weight Loss Exercise

Weight Loss Workout
This 7-day belly fat workout is focused on engaging your core with intensive exercises to burn fats and give you abs!

You can do this workout at home everyday until you see results. But remember, in order for your hard work to pay off, you have to be diligent and disciplined, you have to watch what you eat and do some changes in your lifestyle.

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Knee Hit Left
00:51 Knee Hit Right
01:24 Rest
01:42 Jumping Jacks
02:07 Rest
02:25 Lunge Jumps
02:49 Rest
03:07 Push Jumps
03:35 Rest
03:53 Running In Place
04:14 Rest
04:40 Walk Downs
06:42 Rest
07:00 Single Leg Bridge Right
07:53 Rest
08:11 Single Leg Bridge Left
09:04 Rest
09:22 Plank Press Back
10:10 Rest
10:28 Plank Slaps
10:53 Rest
11:11 Hip Dips
11:40 Rest
11:58 Flutter Kicks
12:21 Rest
12:39 Bridge
13:45 Rest
14:03 Bird Dog
15:09 Rest
15:35 Knee Hit Left
16:08 Rest
16:26 Knee Hit Right
16:59 Rest
17:17 Jumping Jacks
17:41 Rest
17:59 Lunge Jumps
18:24 Rest
18:42 Push Jumps
19:09 Rest
19:27 Running In Place
19:49 Rest
20:15 Walk Downs
22:17 Rest
22:35 Single Leg Bridge Right
23:28 Rest
23:46 Single Leg Bridge Left
24:38 Rest
24:56 Plank Press Back
25:44 Rest
26:02 Plank Slaps
26:28 Rest
26:46 Hip Dips
27:15 Rest
27:33 Flutter Kicks
27:57 Rest
28:15 Bridge
29:21 Rest
29:39 Bird Dog
30:45 Rest
31:03 Baby Pose
32:02 Rest
32:20 Back Stretch

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