Do This Every Morning: 10 Best Exercises

Weight Loss Workout
Here are some easy routines that can help you burn fat and calories everyday! They’re fun and very much doable and can be done on a daily basis.

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪


00:00 Side Bends
00:51 Body Rotations
01:39 Torso Rotation
03:10 Rest
03:36 Overhead Reach
04:10 Rest
04:46 Knee Drive
05:30 Rest
06:01 Ski Jacks
06:52 Rest
07:23 Jumping Jacks
08:05 Rest
08:41 Running In Place
09:25 Rest
10:01 Waist Pinchers Right
10:38 Waist Pinchers Left
11:15 Rest
11:56 Step Back Jacks
12:42 Rest
13:42 Side Bends
14:34 Rest
14:50 Body Rotations
15:38 Rest
15:54 Torso Rotation
17:25 Rest
17:56 Overhead Reach
18:31 Rest
19:06 Knee Drive
19:50 Rest
20:21 Ski Jacks
21:12 Rest
21:43 Jumping Jacks
22:25 Rest
23:01 Running In Place
23:45 Rest
24:21 Waist Pinchers Right
24:58 Waist Pinchers Left
25:35 Rest
26:16 Step Back Jacks

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