3-Day Morning Workout: Daily Weight Loss

Weight Loss Workout
Today’s video workout is an exciting workout that will allow you to burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and boost your metabolism every morning!

This morning workout is a 3-day challenge that will give a healthy start to your day. Do this every morning for the next 3 days for the best results. Let’s go!❤️💪 

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00:00 Arm Circles
00:37 Body Rotations
01:26 Torso Twists
02:13 Side Bends
03:05 Rest
03:37 Overhead Reach
04:19 Rest
04:41 Rise And Plie
05:33 Rest
05:55 Overhead Reach
06:37 Rest
06:59 Rise And Plie
07:52 Rest
08:14 Body Extensions
08:51 Rest
09:33 Overhead Reach
10:15 Rest
10:37 Rise And Plie
11:30 Rest
11:52 Overhead Reach
12:34 Rest
12:56 Rise And Plie
13:48 Rest
14:10 Body Extensions
14:48 Rest
15:30 Split Jumps
16:10 Rest
16:37 Punches
17:22 Rest
17:50 Split Jumps
18:30 Rest
18:57 Punches
19:42 Rest
20:09 Slow Jumping Jacks
20:54 Rest
21:36 Split Jumps
22:17 Rest
22:44 Punches
23:29 Rest
23:56 Split Jumps
24:36 Rest
25:03 Punches
25:48 Rest
26:15 Slow Jumping Jacks
27:00 Rest
27:42 Slow Mountain Climber
28:35 Rest
28:57 Slow Mountain Climber
29:49 Rest
30:11 Slow Mountain Climber

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