I tried a 5 Day Smoothie Diet to cleanse my body with Before and After

100 days ago I was 207 pounds and I didn’t want to stay there. So what did I do about it? I lost 40+ pounds and still going! This week I took on a 5 day smoothie only challenge. Throughout my whole weight loss journey I took on new challenges. I took on the challenge to sweat everyday for 100 days. #100daysofsweatchallenge & Documented this journey on my instagram @ree_cgates and started a fitness channel and brand over at @allthething_s on instagram as well. I made a video of that process here for YouTube as well. During this journey I lost 40+ pounds, gained mental clarity and so much energy back! I walked, jumped ropes and intermittent fasted. THAT’S IT. I fought for my health in a time when my life was the busiest it has ever been. After having my 4th child I gained so much weight but it wasn’t until after birth & I lost my initial baby weight and then started to creep back up to make me realize I had to get this under control. I decided, I will be healthy! And I did it. She did it. With God! And if I can do it you can do it too. With God, you can do ALL THE THINGS. #watchmeshrink #weightlossjourney #beforeandafter #howilost40pounds

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