Review: Nordgreen Philosopher watch


Nordgreen Philosopher watch

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It’s a fact: runners are obsessed with time. From the moment you start to consider yourself a ‘runner’, your journey is measured in time. The less time you take for a run, the better you are getting. And so the love affair that runners have with their watches begins.

And yet the aesthetics of modern running watches still leave a lot to be desired. While functionality has everything cornered, from calorie counting to the day’s weather, the simple process of telling the time can be quite tricky!

As a runner with both an obsession with time and timepieces, I prefer to compartmentalise my watches: my Garmin for runs, and something more aesthetically pleasing for anything else.

Enter Danish brand Nordgreen. Scandinavia’s obsession with finding the meeting point between function and beauty is perfectly realised in the watch. A good watch requires both design and master craftsmanship; sure, it doesn’t need to look good to work but since you’re going to wear it on your wrist every day, it should.

Nordgreen makes watches that reflect the Danish design tradition in both their aesthetic and craftsmanship. They sell direct to consumers, so prices are surprisingly affordable for the high level of quality. Each watch has a range of strap options, so you can change up your look without having to get a new watch. 

The company says its Philosopher model (buy it here for 15% off) is designed to celebrate “our ability to think differently, learn from the past, act now, and create a better future”. Whether a watch can achieve all of that waits to be seen but it does look gorgeous.

The conical shaped case has a wider base than face, creating a sharp two-piece dial that draws the wearer’s eye to the centre of the timepiece. The elevated watch case, clean-brushed look, and tugging lugs provide the finishing touches to the watch’s unique design.

The company’s name blends its Nordic credentials with a focus on sustainability, exemplified by its recyclable packaging and partnerships with sustainable manufacturers. In addition, everyone who buys a Nordgreen watch has the opportunity to support one of three global NGOs in the fields of health, education and environment. The brand really does put its mouth where its money is.

We love the looks of this watch: it’s clean and beautifully understated. What’s more we’ve partnered with Nordgreen to give MR readers 15% off for a slice of Danish cool. Now that’s bringing home the (Danish) bacon!


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