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The best belly weight loss exercises are not abdominal curls. This scientifically proven way to lose belly (abdominal) fat is demonstrated in 3 easy steps by Physiotherapist Michelle from This fat loss and fitness exercise routine is suitable for many individuals including many women with prolapse and/or pelvic floor weakness. This exercise routine preferentially reduces abdominal (visceral) fat, takes only 15-20 minutes to complete 3 times/week and requires no dieting when compared with moderate intensity exercise for 40 minutes which resulted in no fat loss.

Before commencing this or any new exercise program please seek your doctor’s approval to exercise.
This abdominal weight loss routine has been designed by researchers at the University of Sydney (Fat Lab) and extensively investigated.

This weight loss exercise routine involves:
• Low impact exercises including walking, cycling, rowing or stair elliptical machine. These exercises are usually appropriate for women with pelvic floor problems including pelvic organ prolapse.
• Exercising on 3 alternate days per week.
• 15 minutes of alternating high and low intensity exercise with 8 seconds high intensity and 12 seconds low intensity exercise.
• Exercise intensity during the high intensity component should be vigorous causing increased heart rate and breathing.
• 5 minutes low intensity warm up and cool down.

Benefits of this abdominal alternating high and low intensity fat loss routine:

After 3 months using this exercise regime subjects (women and men) have been shown to have:
*Decreased abdominal, trunk and visceral fat (fat around internal organs)
*Decreased leg fat
*Decreased waist circumference
Increased aerobic power
*Increased lean muscle mass
*Increased insulin responsiveness (decreased diabetes risk)

Potential Drawbacks with this Exercise?
• Physically challenging
• Not appropriate for beginners or obese individuals

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