The BEST Weight Loss Workout Routine

Weight Loss Workout
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In today’s video we are talking about what the best weight loss workout routine looks like. There are tons of myths and misconceptions about exercises to lose weight and the fastest weight loss exercise. I go over the top 3 things you should focus on when trying to exercise for weight loss.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment and education purposes only and is intended for healthy adults. Please consult your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine.

If you have a disordered relationship or history with food or exercise please seek the help of a physician, dietitian, or licensed psychologist.

Any information shared on this channel is based off the knowledge I obtained from my bachelors degree in Kinesiology & Exercise Science and my past experience as a certified personal trainer and certified sport nutrition specialist.

I do call myself a weight loss coach, a title based on the fact that I coach women on how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way with strategies based on science.

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